Wyszdom – The Podcast!

After over a year since the last episode, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve brought back my podcast! Formerly known as Absolute Wyszdom, I’ve renamed it “Wyszdom” and it’s now hosted right here on thewysz.com.

You can subscribe to the podcast with this URL: http://www.thewysz.com/podcast/wyszdom.xml
or by clicking here to subscribe in iTunes.

Let me know how you like it! Here’s my first new episode:

As you may have noticed at the end, this episode also launches a new section of my site, informally known as “Chicken and Ketchup.” It’s where I’ll share recipes. Check it out at thewysz.com/food. I had a lot of fun with this first shot at a cooking show, so look for more to come. Maybe I’ll try to do a couple more next weekend.

5 thoughts on “Wyszdom – The Podcast!”

  1. Great video, Wysz. Who handed you that onion out of the closet?

    And you also forgot to wash top of the second can of clams. Careful!

  2. wow this was super funny…and extremely entertaining…especially with the writer’s strike and nothing to watch on TV =) i was really bored tonight, but found hours of entertainment reading your blog!

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