Hors d’œuvre – Beef Stick

Here’s a simple recipe you can use if you’re having guests over for a party. It’s so simple that the video of me making it is less than five minutes long! It took 20 minutes of edited footage for me to make spaghetti.

As a side note, I plan on mastering future episodes in HD. However, I plan on keeping the podcast to an iPhone-friendly size only, as I don’t want to deal with managing an HD simulcast. If anybody has suggestions on how I could handle the issue of producing a podcast for multiple devices, please leave your ideas in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Hors d’œuvre – Beef Stick”

  1. Wysz, I don’t know if you noticed, but there were some seriously vicious ingredients attacking the camera during filming. I was very frightened.

  2. Not bad, not bad. For added effect, you should taste your recipe at the end and go “MMMM DELICIOUS” That’s what all those Food network chefs do.

  3. I likeed the new special effects of the ingredients wyszing (get that play on words) by the screen…i also liked the end when what you cooked was displayed all pretty on the plate…this is becoming quite a legit cooking show =)

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