How to cook spaghetti

I have a new podcast episode available for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to Beah for the spaghetti sauce recipe.

I wish I could push these things out faster, but I’m editing on a computer that’s six years old, and I’m lazy. Hopefully I’ll upgrade my equipment in the nearish future so compression doesn’t take forever and I can edit in HD.

Here’s part 1:

And part 2:

6 thoughts on “How to cook spaghetti”

  1. Yes, I’m the first to comment!!! Good video, very informative and funny! Need more Beah jokes next time.

  2. Dear Wysz:

    A pot is a roughly cylindrical metal vessel with TWO handles. A pot’s height is typically but not always equal to or greater than its radius.

    A pan has is a roughly cylindrical metal with ONE handle. A pan’s height is typically, but not always equal to or less than its radius.

    The defining distinction is not size or shape, but number of handles. A saucepan is not a pot.

    -Bergy, claimer of facts whose correctness may later be disputed

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