Grandma’s marinated carrots

A new episode of my cooking show is out. You can now download it in HD or for your Apple TV. The Apple TV version isn’t HD, since for that I’d need to reduce the frame rate to 24 fps, but it’s still higher quality than SD. The podcast version remains iPhone-compatible.

Of course if you’re into instant gratification, YouTube is serving up some carrots as well:

Part 1

Part 2

6 thoughts on “Grandma’s marinated carrots”

  1. Definitely the best recipe and video you’ve posted thus far. I’m actually tempted to try this one out. By 3 days to wait…man, that’s a long time. 5 stars!

  2. Great episode! Next time if you insist on using the 2 pounds of carrots that the recipe calls for, bring some in to share with your faithful fans!…oh wysz, when I saw you cutting up all those carrots the only thing I was thinking was that, “Oh no, the Wysz’s grandma must not have put the serving size on the recipe!”

  3. Holy Cow! You said “Worchestershire” right… and you’re holding the knife right. So much progress! Your chopping / slicing technique could still use a little work though–shoulda paid more attention to your instructional video. 😉

    Also, those carrots look delicious. Watching this has made me start craving carrots, which then puts me in a strange position of wishing I had watched this video three days ago that I might have made the carrots then… except then I would probably have been craving carrots three days before that… hmm…

  4. I can’t believe that out of five posts no one mentioned that you actually caused a fire.

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