For an Experimental Video project we were given a set of sounds that we could use. We didn't have to use all of the sounds, but we couldn't use any sounds other than what was provided. The thumping sound that you hear is somebody bumping the table or a microphone in one of the clips, and the other rhythmic sounds are from crackles and pops in the vinyl recordings. The music tracks are usually slowed down or sped up, and distorted in other ways as well.

The entire visual track was created in Final Cut Pro with no media from outside sources. I didn't shoot any video or stills, nor did I use a drawing program. My idea was that I gave the sounds to my computer and told it to make "art," and this is what it came up with. If you want to see what I used, you can download the actual project file here. It was created with version 5.0.4 of Final Cut Pro. The project file will give you all of the visuals, but the audio files will be offline.

I realize that there is at least one semi-offensive word in the random title sequence. This isn't intentional; check the project file if you don't believe me.

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