Michael Wyszomierski proudly wearing a shirt that says, "PANTS"
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It's a shirt with the word "PANTS" printed on it. It's still a SHIRT, but it says PANTS. I'm not sure if it's possible to explain how wonderful this is, so I'm not even going to try. I will tell you that it has been a long journey to the goal of actually wearing the shirt (that says PANTS.) I have known for a while that Letterman's company, Worldwide Pants, had such shirts, and for a time they were available at the CBS Store. When I first tried to order one online, the CBS Store didn't have them listed, even though I was able to find a picture of it on their servers by searching the site. I decided to wait until the store began offering the shirt again. During my first semester at JHU, I met someone in my TV class who had the coveted apparel. I became furious upon learning that he didn't know why his shirt said PANTS, and he just "got it from a friend." Who would give up such a wonder? One year later—a Tuesday at 5 AM—I checked the CBS Store, and it was selling the shirt! A shirt that says PANTS! I whipped out my credit card and ordered the item immediately. On Friday I received an email informing me that the PANTS shirt had shipped via the USPS. Mail from New York takes three days to reach Baltimore. Are you seriously still reading this? One week passed, and no shirt. I have from prior experience and from the stories of others that once the mail arrives in the mailroom here at JHU, it sits around for about a week or so before it is delivered by airline baggage handlers to the mailrooms of the various dorms. One morning, I saw someone wearing a PANTS shirt near the main mailroom, and the poor fellow is still recovering from my hallway interrogation. Over one week from the shipping date, my shirt finally arrived. I wore it for about 24 hours straight, let it rest for a day, and then actually DID LAUNDRY so I could wear it when I went home to see Ted and Meghan (and celebrate my sister's birthday.)

Here are some more pictures the magnificent shirt that says PANTS, before I finally got the shot at the top of this page:
Happy Wysz wearing PANTS shirt
"Christmas Morning"
Scary happy Wysz wearing PANTS shirt
"Christmas Morning After Foolishly Giving The Kid Coffee"
Excited Wysz wearing PANTS shirt
"A Literate Person Would Probably Appreciate It Even More"

Please don't tell my mother that I was jumping on my bed. And note to self: Make sure your pants aren't so wrinkled next time you do a photo-shoot for your website.
Praying Mantis on a leaf

Pez Man40 (3:54:03 PM): do i get a name on the pants site considering it was my idea to have a seperate page

My joke when I wear the shirt: "I got it for half price because it's mislabeled."

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