Both of these posts were deleted by Apple:

On 04:29pm Apr 26, 2004 CDT, Jeremy Zschau wrote:
Subject: RE: Half dimmed flat panel display

Is anyone interested in a class action lawsuit about this monitor problem?
I wonder if this will get deleted, and how soon.


On 04:56pm Apr 26, 2004 CDT, Wysz wrote:
Subject: RE: Half dimmed flat panel display

I'm afraid I have to say that I am interested. People sue about anything these days, and I am not thrilled about being a part of that, but unfortunately it seems that recently it is the only way to get Apple to respond to a widespread hardware issue.

I completely understand that my display is out-of-warranty, and am not looking for a free replacement. However, Apple has done a couple of things wrong here.

First, the repair cost is simply unacceptable for a problem that occurs after 1-2 years of normal use, especially with a product that many of us purchased for $1,000.

Also, by not publicly acknowledging the voltage inverter issue as a known problem, consumers have no way of knowing if this flaw has been fixed in newer models. Even if I forget about the expense of simply buying a new monitor, I hesitate to spend money on another Apple display without a confirmation that this issue has been addressed by Apple's engineers.

If anyone has worked with a law firm to begin a lawsuit, please post the appropriate information on this forum.

As suggested by other members in this forum, another thing we can do to get Apple's attention is make this a public issue. While spraypainting iPod posters is not the most polite or civilized way to go about this, there are ways to let others know about the problem.

PlanetFeedback is a great resource for contacting corporations with complaints. In fact, one 17" Display owner reports that Apple fixed his display for free after sending a letter to Steve Jobs via PlanetFeedback.

Another member suggested that writing in to popular Mac-based sites may also be a solution, as right now they are working on getting Apple to solve the iPod mini headphone jack problem.

For the benefit of possible future customers, you may want to review the display on Amazon or other sites that sell the display, but please be fair. In my review on a certain site, I was careful to control my frustration and note that the display is otherwise perfect without the reliability issue.

Anybody else have suggestions?