Building B Lounge — Living in Luxury @ Hopkins

A Photo Essay by The Wysz


At first glance, the lounge is a bit messy, but not all that bad. There's even a table for some group study!

Table and chairs

Uh oh! Looks like some of the furniture has seen better days. Oh well, we're college kids, so even with broken furniture we will find a way to get comfortable as we watch some TV.

Broken furniture
Hey, has anybody seen the remote? Hello? What do you mean there's nobody else in here? No, I'm not talking to myself. Are you sure you haven't seen the remote? I guess I'll just have to use the buttons on the TV.

Television (off)
Since I can't do much without the POWER button, I'm just going to take a nap. There has to be some better furniture somewhere!

Closeup of broken TV buttons
Hmm, this isn't looking good.

Broken furniture
Well, since I can't find a place to sit down, I'm just going to grab a snack and go back to my room... umm I mean grab a snack and hang out in someone else's room, and share my purchase with others.

Long shot of room, with broken furniture everywhere.
Look at all of the selections! I think I'll buy that cracker—it's only $1.25, plus it was made with real cheez!

Vending machine full of snacks
Wow! Are those bonus prizes?

Vending machine with trash inside
A wrinkled piece of paper and a fluorescent bulb that's been shattered into a thousand pieces? What kind of prize is that?

Paper and broken glass inside a vending machine
In the interest of public safety, I extract and dispose of the larger pieces of the bulb.

Broken fluorescent bulb
I think it's time to get out of here. Before I go, I should probably write a list on the blackboard of things people shouldn't stick in the vending machine, but THERE'S NO CHALK! This is by far the most disturbing discovery of the night. Broken glass can be cleaned up, but a lack of chalk is an inexcusable condition. I'm leaving.

Chalkboard mounted on wall