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I can't believe I actually gave this loser a seperate page, but I think it is the only way to get him to stop asking me for his own section on my site. I'll introduce it with an anonymous message he sent me through my form. After he sent the message, he actually sent me an IM trying to convince me that it wasn't him who wrote it. He was convinced that since some words were actually spelled correctly, and it wasn't written completely in AIM shorthand, I would think it wasn't Blake. Well if you read it, you will see that it is definitely a Blake creation, with his incomplete sentences, misspellings, and the random "No" at the end.
Here is Blake's "anonymous" message:
I think Blake should have his own section on your page. I mean, miller has his own, and all of Blake's stuff is way funnier and totally rad. He is a very intelligent lad. Very level headed. He should go far in life. You dont give him enough credit. In fact, as a good friend of Blake's, I think you should retool your page toward Blake and not yourself. You could call it "Duder Land 2", in homage to Blake's site. It's the best and funniest site I have ever seen in my life. It's up for numerous awards. He is getting offers from everywhere to design other people's sites in his fashion. You better sign on so you dont get sweeped away by his secret police that are everywhere makeing sure everyone conforms to his ideals. He will be president one day. And he's also going to be a Doctor. He'll be the best darn doctor ever. Even better then Doogie Houser. Yeah, i know that seems utterly and totally impossible, but he is the One. He will also expose Bush as a fony and an idiot. No
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