Car Bash @ JHU


Monday, March 8, 2004

Outside Garland Hall, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD—Some group was raising money for some cause. The rules of the fundraiser were simple: pay $1 for one chance to hit a Corolla with a sledgehammer, or get four hits for $3. It was advertised on campus as a stress-relief service, since it took place on the Monday of a week when most courses have midterms. I wasn't feeling too stressed out since I dropped the course I was taking that had a midterm today, but I do have one on Wednesday night, so I paid for one hit.

Update: The fundraiser was run by AIChE.

Smashed Corolla

Michael Wyszomierski, just after denting the car. Guy standing on hood, swinging at roof of car

Interior of smashed Corolla Rear of smashed Corolla

Pez Man40 (7:51:37 PM): you have fun
Skier Wysz (7:51:52 PM): it was moderately satisfying