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Random thank-you messages from this project:

 Just wanted to thank you for setting up the Apple petition. I'm was so incensed when this exact incident happened to me. The fact that Apple can get away with robbing me of even more money was infuriating.

 So thanks, and I really do hope we can get our money refunded.


Hello Michael

I am really glad to see that someone else is taking the time and effort to
try and get something done about this problem. I have two monitors and both
of them went out on me. The first one within six months and the second
within a year and a half. I cannot imagine how many people with this monitor
who have given up trying to get anything done. Thanks again and I will
continue to keep track of the petition to see if any thing comes of it. It
was nice to see that had a comment on their site about
this. Hopefully they will keep track and make further updates. Thanks again
on a job well done.


 Thank you for starting that petition
 i spent all weekend with a useless 17 inch apple monitor, only having to invest 700 dollars in a new one.
 it was not even 2 years old
 what a rip off!!

 i ran into all the same problems spoken of in the site where i found the petition.

 let me know if theres anything else i can do to help.



 Thank you for your taking the time to get this done.

 I check the Apple discussions board every day, and see that in
 one day we have over 100 signatures. HOPEFULLY... the post you
 have will remain on the board for others to see and become aware of.




Thanks for the time you invested in setting up this petition regarding the
17" Mac Studio Display-  My problem, apparently common to so many to these
units, came to light (or lack thereof!) yesterday.




 Thanks for all your effort on this campaign. I just had an idea that might help get apple attention. Why don't you ask to each person that had responded to the petition for the series, date of fabrication and model number.


Dear Michael,
My name is Dan, and my Apple 17-inch Studio Display is about to bite the dust.
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you for posting an in-depth account of your experience with this monitor.  I was bracing myself for a $700 loss, but now I'm planning on a much less tragic $100 fee to buy a new inverter board from (unless you know of a more affordable, reliable company).
Thanks again for your time and effort; I'm sure there are many more who appreciate what you've done for us.  By the way, I also signed the petition you created -- signature #283!
Take care,

And the number keeps growing.
You can add me to the list of people with this issue.
I have had mine for about 2 years now. So I am just above your average of when the monitors go.
Thanks for setting up this website.


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