Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why doesn't your list of frequently asked questions have any answers?
  2. Why are you so awesome?
  3. How do I watch videos in iTunes?
  4. Will you drive me somewhere?
  5. Why don't you use CSS to give your pages a consistent look and functionality?
  6. Why don't you use .htaccess?
  7. Are you going to blog this?
  8. Why haven't you updated your blog?
  9. Is there a new Strong Bad email?
  10. Why isn't there a new Strong Bad email?
  11. How old are you?
  12. How did you get them to paint themselves blue?
  13. What does HOTW mean?
  14. Do you want me to stop talking to you? Hello?
  15. How can I fix the inverter assembly on my monitor and get Apple to send me a free PowerBook and iPod for free?
  16. Is the Internet real?