By Michael Wyszomierski (

Created for Intermediate Film Production, Fall 2004, Johns Hopkins University
Professor: John Mann

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Obedient Consumer
Renée Letarte

Disobedient Consumer
Isaac Urwin

Peter "Doc" Drewniany

SuperSmooth™ GX
Muchas Margaritas by Hamilton Beach

Michael Wyszomierski
Isaac Urwin

The Assignment:
Make a short film that doesn't suck and doesn't have synched sound.

Technical Details:
Film Stock: Kodak 16mm B&W negative
Camera: Arriflex M
Film processed and transferred to miniDV by Bono Film & Video
Voiceover recorded on DAT

Edited on a Quicksilver PowerMac G4 with Final Cut Pro

Special visual elements created with LiveType and Photoshop.

Music created with Soundtrack.
"KitchCo Theme" by Brendan Houle

"Oh, KitchCo!" performed by The JHU Vocal Chords
Written by John Stowingtons

"Blender Salute" by the Monophonotones*

Obligatory Special Thanks
John Mann

Sincere Special Thanks
John Mann, Francis Ford Coppola**, Isaac, Renée, Nolan Reese, Brendan Houle, Kathy Wyszomierski, Jack Wyszomierski, and John Stowe

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Hopkins Film Fest 2005 - Friday April 22 @ 7PM

Online Screenings:
Apple Student Gallery
Google Video
Internet Archive

Two bonus sound clips:

"Blender Salute"  Extended Edition
What "KitchCo Theme" was sounding like for the five minutes that I worked on it before giving up and emailing Brendan.

Just for fun:
Invisible Consumer

The idea:
Inspired by reality, "Foolproof" is a parody of industrial films, warning labels, and all-inclusive kits for idiots (like me), combined with a visual style inspired by 1950s-era consumerism.

* "The world's most awesome one-person a cappella group. A group of one." Featuring lead vocalist Monophonotone.
** Yes, there is an inside joke associated with this credit.

©2005 Michael Wyszomierski