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Bored? Here are some suggestions for things that you can write in the form above (anonymously):
-What you like about me
-What you don't like about me
-Why I'm funny
-Why I'm not funny

Responses to anonymous messages:
--What do you lool for in a girl
I'm assuming that you mean "look", and next time you ask a question, use a question mark. But what do I look for in a girl? Well, instead of actually answering your question, I will use one of Nolan's quotes: "I'm waiting for the right girl, and by right I mean any." I'm not saying that I agree with the quote. I'm just putting it here for your consideration.

--What kind of girl do you prefer, very talkative or quite?
Assuming that you meant "quiet." And is this going to be a new trend? Asking what I'm looking for? But I must not avoid the question. I'm not a talker, so if she isn't talkative, she should be comfortable with long periods of silence (which I'm completely fine with.) That isn't really my answer though. In reality, it doesn't matter. Talkative? Great. Quiet? Fine with me.

--You should put your movies on the site.
Check back later... If I have time I will try to put some on the site for you. Any requests?

--you need to work on your pepsi addiction.
You need to work on your capitalization, but I know, I know. It's not such a problem at home when I have plenty of orange juice around. But at school the Pepsi is just more readily available, plus I have to stay up for long periods of time.

Gee, I wonder who wrote that one.

--wyszzzzzzzzzz.... WYszzzzz..WYSZzzWYSZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz....wysz..WYszzWYszzz...wysZZzz...WYSZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!

hehe I'm a motorcycle :)

I've seen a motorcycle.

--can I take you to the freshman formal?
First of all, I didn't even know that there were dances here. I don't do dances. I can't dance. I don't know who you are anyway. My suit is at home. No.

--You need to offer an opinion on your website! An onion!

Can I have my dollar now?

These messages are getting too weird. I think I'm just going to ignore them.

--There once was a boy called Wysz
His computer would make his mouth fizz
He would use it all night
The screen's glow his sole light
Photoshopping, Final Cutting, and shizz

It's sad, but this poem really does sum up my life.

--What is your MC name when you perform hip-hop music?
I just stick with "Wysz." Sometimes "The Wysz." In my early days I tried "Wysz Kyd", but that didn't last too long. After college I'm thinking about going up to New York as "M. Wizzy."

--ok ummm... secret love? anyway what is your insperation for things and other stuff
I really can't remember how that started, but certain sections are references to specific things. Yeah, that didn't answer your question. Sorry.

--oh yeah! i have a question why does the english alphabet have the letter "C"? i mean "K" and "S" can make the "C" sound so why do we have it?
Without the letter "C" we would have to spell "cool" as "kool," which is a brand of cigarettes, which aren't cool.

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