Wysz's Highlights*

(in no particular order)
by Wysz

  1. Letter #1 in the CBS Mailbag
  2. Late Show Studio Audience Member
  3. Homecoming King
  4. Saw Leonard Nimoy
  5. Met George Takei
  6. Ate an entire cheese wheel
  7. Cameo mention of a Wahoo Reader
  8. Hole in one
  9. Performed as one of the Village People
  10. Kershaw Medal
  11. Citizen of the Week
  12. Predicted ending of "The Sixth Sense"
  13. Survived earthquake
  14. Fell asleep in a well
  15. Won a printer
  16. Sang on the Disney Channel
  17. Met Woz
  18. Mailed self a letter
  19. Bought a shirt that says "PANTS"
  20. Confused Eric Idle
  21. Appeared in 50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours

*Some entries are not true, and lots of important stuff has been omitted.

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