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My resumé is available for download in PDF format. It is outdated, but that's fine because I'm not looking for a job right now.


I'm passionate about technology, imagery and innovation, and put this passion into my work. Whether I'm editing an important corporate presentation or just doing a film for fun, I work hard to get the best result possible. I enjoy learning new technologies, and I keep up with the latest industry news and gadgets.

Feel free to check out my videos and pictures.

Just for Fun Facts

Nickname: Wysz

Claims to Fame:

    • Featured as Boyfriend #1 in a book called 50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours
    • Letter to David Letterman read on-air
    • First in line for grand opening of 100th Apple Store

• Downhill and water skiing
    • Photography

Hidden Talent: Ear wiggling

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