Third complaint of the day


The engineers undeniably get special treatment here at Johns Hopkins, while the departments I study in are shoved into the oldest building on campus and get no budget. The film department doesn't even have any of its own classrooms, and we have to fight for space. They once bought a camera but couldn't afford the battery. I have to pay at least a $40 (up to $100 if production-related) "lab fee" for all of my classes to help cover costs, while the engineers work with millions of dollars of equipment to etch a picture of Hobbes into aluminum. I even have to pay half the cost of my film & processing fees, and film is expensive.

The trigger for today's rant was when Bill took us into Clark Hall, which I didn't think actually existed (turns out it's hidden behind another building), where the BME (Biomedical Engineering) majors do stuff. They had their own lounge with a fancy no-charge coffee maker. I had some choco-mocha thing. It was better than stealing water from the English department lounge like I do during Film.

Posted: Monday - April 11, 2005 at 01:59 PM