Here we go again.

The Wysz complains.

Hey you asked for it. You get the blog, then you get the complaints.

1. The dog is still yapping. Not even barking. Yapping.

2. Ordering DSL is the worst idea I've had in a long time. At least I think DSL is the problem. Maybe it's the router. More on that later.

I keep losing my AIM connection about every five minutes, but the worst part is, it doesn't tell me that it has lost the connection. That means that I will send a message, and then have no idea if the recipient is ignoring me, has not received the message at all, or has received the message and replied, but I didn't get the reply so now he or she is the one worried about being ignored! And sometimes, I will get everyone's messages from the past few minutes all sent in one two-second burst. It's simply unacceptable. I don't even leave AIM open anymore.

Also, I can't download large files all at one time. I have tried downloading from many different sites, so the problem is definitely on my (ISP's) end. It's not so bad with Safari's resume download feature, but that only works if I'm saving something directly to disk. It also makes it very difficult to download things from my iDisk, because the Finder can't figure out what to do when it loses the connection in the middle of a WebDAV transfer.

The reason I said I think DSL is the problem is that I have also been having trouble with the Linksys router provided by Bill. Every time I turn off my computer or put it to sleep, I have to reset the router for it to recognize me again. Every single time. I'm going to try to pick up a new one at RadioShack or CompUSA down here and see if they'll let me test one and return it if it doesn't solve the problem. I don't think it's my computer, because I connect to a Linksys at home with no problems. If the new router doesn't help, I'm ordering Comcast. Of course it takes them forever to activate it in this fine city, so I won't cancel the DSL until I'm up and running on cable.

3. Already, I'm having trouble with iBlog. If you have iBlog and can help me out, please let me know. I'm sure the answer is out there on some forum, but I don't have time to search through all that. I'm busy complaining about it. I'm running 1.3.9, which iBlog insists is the latest version.

iBlog won't publish to my iDisk. Every time I try to publish, I am told: "Error connecting to iDisk, Please check your network connection or try again later as Dot Mac service might be down." First of all, there should be a period, and not a comma, after "iDisk." I don't use a local iDisk, and I have tried publishing with and without my iDisk being mounted in the Finder. I tried setting up a local iDisk, but as usual, it doesn't work very well with my thousands of files. Since I can't publish directly to my iDisk, I am forced to manually copy the iblog folder to my site every time I want to make a little update. Very annoying.

The RSS feed is messed up. When I view my feed in NetNewsWire Lite, the images don't display in my posts. Also, links to the posts or even the blog in general don't work. Only links to sites outside the blog work. The problem seems to be with iBlog's relative linking programming. Fix it. Please. Even when I simply try to open the blog in a browser from the feed, it tries to take me to this [$DocumentRoot$] thing. I am downloading the demo of BlogWave Studio as I type this, so I might be moving on to blog #3 before you know it. If anyone has used BlogWave before, let me know if it's good before I throw in my 20 bucks.

Oh, and that little problem where it puts a space after every link is STILL around.

Thanks for watching. Now time to copy the entire iblog folder again so you can read this...

Posted: Sunday - September 12, 2004 at 10:28 AM