Photoshop Part 3, and nothing to do with Adobe or JourneyEd

Today's unhelpful service: Gilman Post Office.

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Armed with an RA#, I was ready today to ship Photoshop/Illustrator back to JourneyEd in an attempt to get my money back. I looked up the hours online for the Gilman Post Office, which also does UPS shipping, and found that window transactions (where you do UPS) were only available from 2-4, which happened to be the exact same time that my class was scheduled. However, I knew that class would get out early, since nobody wants to talk for two hours, so I brought the box with me.

Class ended around 3:45, and I headed straight downstairs, as the post office is in the same building. I figured I was just fine arriving more than 10 minutes before they closed, as shipping only takes a couple of minutes. When I got to the window, which was open, there was nobody there, and I couldn't see anyone in the back. I knocked a few times, and no luck. At about 3:55, I saw one of the employees walking down the hall. He saw me waiting at the window, and kept walking without acknowledging me until I called for his attention and asked if I could ship my package. He told me of course not, I need to get there by 3:30 at the latest to ship UPS. I pointed to the sign next to the window (and also next to a large UPS logo) which said that the window hours were 2-4, and suggested that they update it. He looked at me like I was an idiot, and said, "Think about it," followed by an explanation that they close at 4, so there has to be some prep time for getting all of the UPS packages ready at the end of the day for pickup, meaning that they can't help any customers after 3:30. I understood his explanation, but pointed out that the sign says "Window Hours." His response: "Well, that sign was put up way before we started handling UPS."

I ended up walking in the cold to Kinkos and shipping via FedEx.

Once I get new ink cartridges, my first print job will be an updated sign to post outside the Gilman Post Office.

Posted: Thursday - January 27, 2005 at 02:39 PM