Expect no less from The Wysz.

I'm really sick right now, and will probably only go to the class that I have a test in, but I still got out of bed this morning so you kids could have a blog entry. Here is is:

Things that annoy me about the Entertainment industry already, even though I’m still in school:
• When “the talent,” who thinks it’s absolutely hilarious when he or she gets a case of “the giggles” after 32 takes of flubbing a line, believes that there is absolutely no excuse for any technical bloopers.

• The fact that the words “genius” and “amazing” have become so devalued that I need to use a thesaurus in order to say anything nice about someone.

• When speakers lean down so their lips are one inch away from the microphone, as if the mic stand was set too low, and the audio engineer has no way of controlling the gain and volume. Oddly enough, professional recording artists, who use microphones every day at work, are especially prone to this.

• All the hugging. Don't get me wrong on this one, I'm all for the family and friends type, but someone who has been your coworker for a week, or someone you just met while receiving your award? Come on.

Posted: Tuesday - March 01, 2005 at 07:21 AM