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NAME: Michael Wyszomierski
COMMENTS: You are currently running a promotion on Mac OS X Tiger Family Pack, which offers a $50 rebate if purchased before 5/31/05, according to the rebate coupon located on your website. However, if I search Amazon for the ASIN listed on the coupon, I am taken to a product page that tells me the item is not currently available. I would like to take advantage of the rebate, so how can I be sure that the product will be available before the promotion expires?

Please note that this message refers to the Mac OS X Tiger Family Pack, and not the single client edition.

Thank you for your help.


Thank you for contacting us at

Unfortunately, our supply of some items is limited and these products
sell out quickly.

I am very sorry that you were not able to place your order before our
supply ran out.

We do not know if this item will be available for purchase on our web
site in the future. For this reason, the item is currently listed as
currently not available.

I would suggest checking our web site from time to time to see if
this item has come back in stock or if it is available from another
seller through Auctions ( or
zShops (

Thanks again for shopping at


At the bottom of the message there was a note asking if the email resolved the question, with one link for "yes" and another for "no." Of course, I clicked on the "no" link. Via this link, I sent them a (rather polite) followup message explaining that I was disappointed to receive a stock reply, especially since it did not answer my question. If anyone had actually looked into my inquiry for more than three seconds, he or she would have realized that Tiger had not even been released yet, and therefore sending a message indicating that their supply had run out would be silly. I'll let you know when I receive another reply.

As for unavailable products, I don't think it would be terribly difficult for some programmer at Amazon to set up an email notification option for when the product becomes available again. Just a thought. But this is a complaint, so I can't put it in the "Thoughts" category. Yes, "Complaint" supersedes "Thought" on WTv.A.

Posted: Saturday - April 02, 2005 at 02:23 AM