Verizon DSL Sucks (In Baltimore)

What sucks? Verizon DSL does!

For the past several days, our modem has been resetting itself about 100 times a day, sometimes at the rate of about once per minute. Today, I had to give up on a 2 GB FTP transfer after only 8 megs, and after losing my connection twice, gave up on a video chat with Ted as well.

Next week, or whenever I get some free time, I will isolate the problem so I can call Verizon. Of course, my experience with them will be documented here whether you like it or not. If things don't go well with Verizon, we may switch to Comcast, although we'll have to do it under Bill's name since I've had prior negative dealings with them in Baltimore. Also, Eh, Steve and Zach didn't experience a very smooth installation.

Not that I'm knocking Verizon or Comcast in general; it all comes down to your local contractors. We have Comcast Internet and Verizon telephone back at home, and no complaints.

Posted: Thursday - November 11, 2004 at 06:59 PM