Every Single Semester.

What an odd tradition.

Registration doesn't work out for me. I plan ahead, with a listing of course numbers ready to go, but all that gets thrown out the window when I log in the morning of registration. Even though I'm a Junior and a Film major, I still can't seem to get into my film classes. Everything is full. Classes that aren't supposed to require permission require permission. Course numbers are wrong. Courses don't exist. Entire schools don't exist. I'm wait-listed for everything—even stuff I pre-registered for.

But, I've come to learn that all of this registration day stuff doesn't mean anything. This whole registration period doesn't matter. Why? Because everything changes on the first day of classes. It's basically the same thing as today, but for real. This is just a practice. Show up for the first class meeting, and if you say something even close to "please," you're in. So there, I got worked up over nothing. I'm going to go back to sleep, get up to credit at some point with a bunch of classes I have no intention of actually taking, and then worry about this in 2005.

Posted: Wednesday - November 17, 2004 at 04:40 AM