Will I EVER Have Photoshop?

I'm running out of ways to get it legally.

I recently began a mission to scan all of our family photos at 300 dpi to preserve them digitally on the computer, where they can be easily backed up and organized. Many of the older photos are scratched and the colors have faded, and the albums themselves have not always been kind to the prints. For the ones that go beyond iPhoto's editing capabilities (iPhoto '05 is a wonderful upgrade by the way), I want to fix them in Adobe Photoshop. My current version of Photoshop is 5.0.2, and lacks features such as the healing brush that would help to restore these old pictures, and the ability to deal with non-square pixels which would help with my video work. Also, it only runs in Classic, and tends to freeze up on layer effects.

I decided to finally suck it up and buy Photoshop CS, which runs about $300 with educational discount. To get the discount, I had to purchase it through an authorized education software reseller, which severely limited my options, and didn't include any of my usual sources. I decided to order from JourneyEd.com, where I had ordered Photoshop for my sister last year. I know I could just install her copy, but I'm a good citizen, and there's a very good chance that we would both try to run Photoshop at the same time while connected to the same network, and I don't want to have to deal with that.

Anyway, I placed the order for Photoshop after electronically verifying my status as a student. The item was listed as $299.98, and I went with the cheapest shipping charge of $17. That's right, I still had to pay for shipping on a $300 order. I was taken to the order confirmation screen which listed these prices, but the order number and grand total fields were left blank. I let it go, and waited for the confirmation email. I didn't have to wait long to receive not one, but two confirmation emails, each from a different address! The best part is, while the order number was the same (I didn't order two copies), one email listed shipping as $17, and the other said that the shipping was free. The grand total, displayed in bold red text at the bottom of each message, differed by $17 in the two emails. I was a bit worried that their ordering system was flawed, but I really wanted Photoshop, so again, I just let it go and patiently awaited a shipping notice, which I expected soon since the product had an estimated ship time of less than 24 hours.

A few days passed, and I received no notification. I checked the order status online, and it had changed from "waiting for management" to "waiting for customer." I called them the next business day, and explained my situation to the woman, telling her about the two emails, the order status, and the fact that the item was now listed on the website as selling for $30 less, so I had no idea how much I would be charged. The representative calmly informed me that I couldn't buy it since I had already ordered one. I then remembered that I had ordered my sister's copy in my name because I had a student ID and she didn't yet, so I accepted the answer, but I don't appreciate JourneyEd's actions. The "Purchase Requirements" section of their Photoshop page mentions an academic ID, but says nothing about the one copy limit. Whatever. But then why did they let me order it? Again, whatever, their computer system sucks. What really bugs me is that instead of calling or emailing me, they just put the order out in "waiting for customer" land, which is some sort of order purgatory. Who knows how long they expected me to wait until calling them. Anyway, I told the representative to cancel my order and I hung up.

I then asked my sister to return the favor and order a copy for me. She went through the order process, and provided what she thought was necessary to verify her academic status. When I asked her to check on her order, it too had been labeled "waiting for customer." She called, and they asked for her letter of acceptance because her ID wasn't dated. Again, the fact that they waited for her to call them instead of the other way around is ridiculous. Anyway, within a couple days she received a shipping notification, and I was happy. Until today.

I got back from New York to find that the package had arrived from JourneyEd. Tonight I opened the shrink-wrapped Adobe Photoshop CS for Mac box to find a manual and CD for Illustrator CS for Windows. Wonderful. I must be fair and say that this is probably not JourneyEd's fault. While the box is clearly for Photoshop, the UPC label is for Illustrator. Now I have to decide if I should contact JourneyEd or Adobe first. Both only offer support M-F, so in either case I'll have to wait until Monday, when I'm supposed to be concentrating on driving to Baltimore. Ugh.

This has nothing to do with Photoshop, but I don't want to be one of those people who uses his blog to talk about his cats, so I'm writing this here. Potter, who never goes in my room, just walked in, picked up one of my socks, and took it out of my room. It's a dress sock, so I won't need to find it until Thanksgiving.

Posted: Friday - January 21, 2005 at 11:30 PM