Griffin vaporware.

Griffin Technology announced their SmartDeck cassette adapter in January of this year, and said that it will ship in the second quarter of the year. I preordered one in April, and when I clicked on the preorder link I was warned that it is not yet shipping, but it will in the second quarter. On May 18th, I asked Griffin for an update on the shipping date, and I was again told that it would ship in the second quarter. When I got back from vacation yesterday, July 4th, four days past the deadline, I still had not received a shipping notice. I went to Griffin's site again, and found that the preorder page now says that the SmartDeck "will begin shipping in the third quarter of the year." They never notified me of this change, and I'm getting tired of waiting.

Fortunately, I just got off the phone with Griffin, and they said that the SmartDeck will ship by the end of this month, and they think they'll be able to get it out by the middle of the month. It has some cool features, so why not order one for yourself?

Posted: Tuesday - July 05, 2005 at 09:10 AM