One day later

I thank Apple for something, and they take it away.

Yesterday, I posted a note on one of my pages thanking Apple for not limiting bandwidth for its .Mac service. Tonight, I came home to find that Apple had in fact just set a limit of 3 GB per month. When I go into my account settings, I can find a way to buy more bandwidth, but there is no indication of how much bandwidth I am using. Do I just have to wait until it is shut down?

I should also note that Apple has not yet directly informed me of the change; I can only find it by going to my account settings. And, speaking of not informing me, Apple responded to my inquiry about the exclusive widgets by saying that they had escalated my report to .Mac support engineering, and I can expect a response within 72 hours (of two days ago.)

Even before this, people questioned the value of .Mac considering its dinky 250 MB of storage space, and mostly unused software discounts, not to mention the fact that iTools was originally free. Now it is getting to be ridiculous. I just renewed a month ago, so hopefully by next year they will have changed things. In the meantime, I can start giving out my Gmail address.

Anyone want to buy an account?

Update: According to Macworld UK, .Mac has been limited to 3 GB per month in the past. I thought I read (a while ago) that there was no official limit, and extreme bandwidth usage was dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Anyone have all the facts?

Posted: Wednesday - July 20, 2005 at 04:49 PM