SPAM of the day

Faking an interview to waste someone's time is wrong, but wasting my time by sending me unsolicited email is wrong too.

Not a lot of spam makes it to my inbox, but today one did, and they were stupid enough to leave both a physical location and a phone number where angry recipients can contact them. If you've received this email and you don't think you ever signed up for their mailing list, call them at 1-866-358-9552 and leave a message after the recording asking to be removed. I politely explained that I only called them because I was unable to find an unsubscribe link in the email.

If you're in the are in the area and bored on August 11th, you could stop by for an interview and ask lots (and lots) of questions, even if you have absolutely no intention of working there.

Below is the original email, send by, so people Googling to see if it's spam can find it. For your convenience, I've reduced the CNN headline-sized text and eliminated the double spacing.

Multi Million Dollar Corporation moving into the Austin Metro
Loan Originators/Branch Managers/Account Executives
Have Full Time and Part Time Positions Available Immediately
All Bi-Lingual Candidates Are Encouraged to Apply
Corporation Managers will be in Austin Interviewing
Thursday August 11, 6:30 PM
First American Bank Bldg.
7800 North MOPAC
Suite 130, Austin 78759
Special Consideration to All Highly Motivated Individuals
Full Training Provided

Posted: Wednesday - August 10, 2005 at 04:34 PM