Dvorak Uncensored—Censored!

He told us to spread the word, so I am, because he intimidates me.

John C. "I get no spam" Dvorak's blog, which, in case you don't listen to TWiT, is located at dvorak.org/blog, has been thrown into the "Sex" category by Websense, and is therefore blocked at many major companies which use Websense's web filtering services.

Dvorak's blog, called "Dvorak Uncensored," is about nerdy non-sexual topics such as the iTunes phone and chicken-flavored MSG. I'm guessing that the word "uncensored" is what got him blacklisted, but the fact that this was done by a computer with what appears to be such a simple algorithm, makes Websense look stupid and not worth the price. Once one of my friends, who was at BYU for the summer, was unable to visit a Bush/Monkey website because it had been blocked by Websense, which is used by BYU. However, she was able to view this picture that I posted on Flickr featuring a man who has a tail. Go figure.

If you want to tell Websense that their promise of sex on dvorak.org is completely false, contact them here or here.

Posted: Monday - September 12, 2005 at 08:36 PM