The iTunes Support Team is an inhuman computer

Ugh. This is what I get for being helpful.

Here we go, a post about Kenny G:

I was checking up on the popularity of my Awesome Christmas Songs iMix in the iTunes Music Store, when I noticed that the album art for Faith, one of Kenny G's holiday albums, looked terrible in the iTunes Music Store:
screenshot of Faith in iTunes Music Store

I used the Customer Service feedback form to send Apple this email:
In the album "Faith - A Holiday Album" from artist Kenny G, the artwork in the music store is very blurry, as if it is a small picture that was blown up to a larger size. I do not remember the graphic looking like this while browsing earlier.

Here was their response:
Dear Michael,

Thank you for contacting the iTunes Music Store.

Album cover art is provided with most songs and albums sold on the iTunes Music Store. Liner notes are available for select albums only. To learn how to view album artwork, please read this article:

If you would like to add your own artwork to one or more songs, please refer to the steps in this article:

To print CD inserts with your album art from a playlist, follow these easy instructions:


The iTunes Music Store team

Wow! Someone must have really read my email, because I wrote a message including the word "artwork," and they got back to me with some information on album cover art! I'm glad that I know my message was forwarded to the appropriate people. I bet they'll be thankful that I took the time to report this unsightly and embarrassing glitch!

Posted: Friday - November 18, 2005 at 03:16 PM