Umm, what's up with the Baltimore City Police?

These folks need to chill out, and I dunno, maybe arrest some drug dealers? I hear there are quite a few in the city.

This is ridiculous. Look at these two recent stories involving the Baltimore City Police Department:

Couple Arrested For Asking For Directions [May 17th, WBAL via NowPublic]
It gets weirder when you read the details. The first officer refused to give them directions to 95, saying that if they found their way in, they can find their way out. "Protect and serve." Right. Then they got arrested for "trespassing" on a public street. How does that happen? To add insult to injury, the couple's car was kept unlocked with the windows down in an impound lot, allowing 20 CDs, a pair of sunglasses, and a phone charger to be stolen.

Man Calls 911, But He Gets Arrested [May 19th, WBAL via Dave Barry's Blog]
A guest speaker in one of my classes told us that he was once arrested after someone broke into his house. I guess it's just BPD policy.

I don't actively search for stories about the BPD, but I happened to come across both of these stories in the past day and couldn't not say anything. I don't have anything against the department personally, unless they're responsible for those ridiculous MTA tickets on unmarked areas of University Parkway. And there was that one time they closed a street and ticketed me with little notice.

But whatever, at least I'm home now where police are people too.

Posted: Monday - May 22, 2006 at 02:49 PM