Present Tense!


Wow, Amazon has a new video download service, let's check it out!

Neat! You can download a TV show for free! I'm going to order the pilot episode of MacGyver.

I've selected my credit card info and now it's saying something about downloading software. It's Windows-only, but I have a Mac. Better cancel the order.

Hmm, I can see the order in my account; it's labeled "Pending" since I never received it, but I can't cancel it. I think I'll give Amazon a call at 800-201-7575. I'm connected to a live person who tells me I can do it from the "My Account" section of the website under "Recent orders." I tell him that I already looked there, and it didn't work. He tells me that he can't help because they are upgrading their systems, and he doesn't have access to any account information. When will the upgrade be complete? He doesn't know. Try calling back tomorrow!

At least I finally got my credit back for that Prime thing.

Posted: Thursday - September 07, 2006 at 08:57 PM