Long Flight

At least there weren't any snakes.

There's nothing wrong with marketing, but I am increasingly annoyed by the amount of advertising thrown on me on commercial* flights, especially since I am a member of a captive audience. On my flight from Philly to SFO this past weekend, I cringed when the "Turn on your electronics" video came on, because I knew that it is now followed by a few minutes of airline commercials that play through the P.A. system, making them impossible to avoid. But it got worse. One of the flight attendants then read through a sales pitch, whilst holding a phone gangsta-style, about some new credit card, which included some of the cheesiest "That's right, 3 billion bonus miles!" lines of marketing copy I've ever heard. She then walked down the aisle with application forms, repeating the pitch again as she walked past the passengers, 100% of whom did not respond to the promotion.

After all of those aural interruptions, I wondered if they were all really part of the ad on my tray table for noise-cancelling headphones.

*Ah, I get it now.

Posted: Tuesday - October 10, 2006 at 09:30 PM