Circuit City Rebates are a Scam

At least that's my opinion.

Yeah, I know, rebates are a really shady business scheme to begin with, but I wanted to save some money, I played by the rules, and I lost.

When I moved into my apartment and was looking for Internet access, I went with Comcast via Circuit City because they had the best deal going. I got a rebates on the modem and router, the promotional subscription price from Comcast, and a gift card from Circuit City. At least that's what I was supposed to get.

I believe the deal was something like this:
$20 rebate on modem
$40 (or was it $80?) rebate on router
$50 (I think) Circuit City gift card

It's hard to remember the details, because this was six months ago. I remember that I did have to send in several forms, sales receipts, and even copies of my Comcast bill. It was all done on paper (why???) and a big pain. What I ended up getting out of all of this was absolutely nothing. I entered my information for months on without even getting a confirmation that they received my forms until October, when I was told that the $20 rebate for the modem was on its way and should arrive within 30 days. It never arrived, and I never received any other updates on the rebates or gift cards. And now I feel like an idiot for shopping there.

Oh and don't get me started on the cashier who rang up an HDTV on my bill (which I wanted) and then was surprised when I asked where to pick it up. She pointed to the antenna that I was holding (which cost about 25 times less than the TV) and said that I was holding it in my hand. And yes, the antenna was also on the receipt. I actually thought she was joking until she called the manager over.

Posted: Monday - January 15, 2007 at 05:08 PM