54 Rejects

My privacy has been violated!

Bryan Chang of the Ivy Film Festival needs a lesson in email etiquette. I received an email from him tonight informing me that my film was not accepted into this year's festival. My address was in the Cc header field, along with 53 others, which means my email address was shared with 53 people. This isn't a huge deal since my address is out on the Internet anyway, but it is still a violation of my privacy, and the privacy of the other 50 losers who paid $20 or $30 to submit their film only to be rejected. For example, I now know that one of my classmates also entered the festival and was rejected, so now he will be subject to humiliation when I make fun of him.

I could post Bryan's email address here and urge you to contact him, but I won't since I am sure it was an honest mistake on his part. I'll just send him a little reply myself. And I won't be stupid and hit "Reply All" like some other idiots will probably do.

Ugh, I just realized that the address wasn't my public wysz@mac.com address (which filters spam very well); it was one of my JHU aliases. If I get spammed because some Windows using recipient of the email has spyware, I'm not going to be happy. Fortunately, Hopkins has a pretty good filter. Either that or the spammers don't have my JHU address yet.

Update Update:
It was an honest mistake. Bryan emailed me back three minutes after I sent my message, explaining that he didn't realize Cc would send the list to everyone, and also offering his "deepest apologies." We can all get some sleep now.

Update Update Update:
As I predicted, someone sent out a reply to all of the recipients today at 9 AM, even though the response was only intended for Bryan. I don't know why some email clients and webmail systems have "Reply All" as the default or displayed more prominently than "Reply," but it is really annoying. This one was from a "NetBlitz" webmail service. Around noon, Bryan sent out another email to everyone (this time using Bcc) informing us that several recipients had brought the mistake to his attention, and he is still sorry.

Posted: Tuesday - March 15, 2005 at 11:38 PM