Apple 17" LCD Studio Display

If you have a broken Apple 17" LCD Studio Display, read this entry.

Most of you knew this entry was coming. I only held back because I was hoping to get into the iTunes Affiliate Program, and they frown upon anti-Apple content.

Shortly into my infamous hiatus, I began to have a problem with my monitor. It's the 17-inch LCD Apple Studio Display, which got with my Quicksilver G4 in March of 2002. I woke my computer from sleep late one night to find the power light blinking, and the top half of the display much dimmer than the bottom. Obviously, one of the backlights wasn't completely powered. Restarting, unplugging the display, and anything else I tried didn't help. I even carried my monitor to the support center at JHU and hooked it up to another computer to verify that the problem was with the monitor. It was.

I'm not going to write the whole story here, because I already have it documented on this page. Long story short: I believe Apple knows that this is a common problem with their displays, and they are refusing to acknowledge it and repair our monitors for a reasonable price. I encourage everyone who reads this (and agrees that this is wrong) to sign the petition, even if you aren't an owner of an Apple display. If you DO own an affected display, be sure to go here, and also make sure you let Apple know about the problem by calling Customer Relations at: +1 (800) 767-2775.

Apple's flat panel lineup was introduced in May 2001, and the 17-inch model retailed for $999. In January 2003, Apple lowered the price of the 17-inch to $699. Bill noticed that the price reduction came 20 months after the model's introduction, which coincides with the many reports of displays failing after about 18 months.

Posted: Monday - September 20, 2004 at 06:54 PM