My Life as a Projectionist

It really wasn't that bad. I just know you like to hear me complain.

Yesterday, I was invited to go to some Italian place that was serving all-you-can-eat desserts tonight. I couldn't go, because I have a screening on Monday nights. I was supposed to show the VHS version of Star Wars, but when I got there, the VCR was missing from the projection booth. Being the resourceful little monkey that I am, I scavenged for some cables and hooked up the VCR that's locked to the TV cart at the front of the room. I was disappointed that I would be showing it on a regular TV, but then I realized that the VCR wasn't actually locked down. It was one of those adhesive cable locks, (one of the dumbest inventions) and the adhesive had lost its grip long ago, so it was really just sitting on top of the deck. With only a couple minutes to go before the screening, I carried the VCR to the back, hooked it up to the projector and speakers, tested it, and cued the tape. Then I waited for the students to arrive. Half an hour later, I gave up, put everything back, and locked the room. Who would pass on a free chance to watch Star Wars? Only Hopkins students. Freaks.

And worst of all: I could have been eating dessert!

Posted: Monday - November 15, 2004 at 06:02 PM