Parking on University Parkway


I came out of my building this morning to find this VW kissing my bumper. It wasn't a tight spot; in fact, there is no parking allowed behind the VW because it is a bus stop. I guess my Jeep is just irresistible, like me.

While it is quite obvious that there is no parking allowed directly behind the VW, it is not clear just how extensive this no parking zone really is (or why it is so extensive.) At first glance, it looks like a simple bus stop. The insets show detail of each sign. I'm not sure what's up with the one on the left; it looks like it was painted over, but the head of the arrow pointing towards the right remains unobscured.

Here's what the bus stop looks like as you pull up to it in a car, looking for a space:

However, you must look carefully, because behind you the sign has a two-way arrow! That's right, even though the bus stop sign indicates that you simply cannot park further down the street, this sign shows that you can't park above it either.

The mysterious sign is easily forgotten as you pass it, because once you see the bus stop sign, it looks like you have a legal place to park, since it only has the unidirectional arrow. To add to the confusion, the two-way sign disappeared for several weeks recently, making the area a legal parking spot that people got used to. In fact, people still park there every single day, either because they are used to it, or they got confused by the signs. And every single day on my way to or from class, I see cars with tickets. This has been going on for several weeks. So far I've only been able to catch one couple trying to park there and warn them about the tickets.

Here's a wide view of the problem area, right outside of the First Church of Christ, Scientist. Why there is no parking allowed there, I do not know. They even have their own parking lot.

It looks like the Baltimore City Police Department has trouble parking too, and resorts to parking on top of moving vehicles. When you've received an unfair ticket from them (they put up temporary no parking signs and ticketed me with no advanced warning), sights like this make you feel good.

Posted: Monday - February 21, 2005 at 02:34 PM