"A smorgasbord of pandemonium"

I'm listening to Relax, but I'm still pretty tense.

The registrar has to be the most hated organization on this campus. Every time I log into their system, which is only available from 7 AM to 9 PM, so the server can rest or something, I have to click through the following screens to do anything:
1. "Please click continue to update your personal information."
2. Editable form containing information that I don't need to change.
3. Confirmation page of the "changes" I made, even though I didn't change anything.
4. Finally, I arrive at the registration page.

I have to go through this every time I log in. Everyone hates this annoying procedure, but the registrar can do whatever it wants. Then, once I'm logged in, I find this message, actually in red text, near the bottom of the screen:
You must clear the following hold(s) prior to registering or dropping classes for Fall 2005-2006 term:
Pre-Graduation Clearance Hold - Go to the Office of Academic Advising to clear your pre-graduation status.

Right below the red message is some useful advice, in green:
For best results Internet Explorer 5.x or above is highly recommended.

No, I'm not making this up. Anyway, I figured that this is something I should get taken care of before registration, so I can be ready to go. I first checked with other students in my same year and major, and they do not have the hold. I'm assuming that the message is referring to the hold that is placed on registration prior to completing Junior Clearance, which I've done. Students who completed the procedure before and after me don't have a hold, so it's not a timing issue. Junior Clearance is a joke anyway; all they do is sign a form without looking at it and then ask you for a phonetic spelling of your name. I'm pretty sure that the phonetic spelling is the entire reason behind requiring the meeting.

I seem to have gone off on a rant. Sorry. After confirming that I was the only one I knew with this hold, I went to Academic Advising today, just as the message had ordered me to do. They seemed to think that it was something that the registrar simply hadn't entered yet, and was waiting to do all at once during registration, but suggested I check just to be sure. So, I went to the registrar to see what they had to say. The registrar had nothing to say to me other than to "go to Academic Advising," even though I explained that they had sent me to the registrar. I didn't have time to go back to Academic Advising, because I had to go to class. I'll give them a call on Monday, and do my best to keep my cool, even though yelling at people can be fun.

Posted: Friday - April 08, 2005 at 05:54 PM