Mannheim Steamroller on iTunes


I've been requesting Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas music on iTunes ever since the iTunes Music Store was released, and finally some of their work has made it into the catalog. It's not Christmas music, but the availability of their Halloween: Monster Mix album at least shows us that they're not opposed to having at least some of their music in the iTunes Music Store. Hopefully the Christmas season will bring us more, although I already have most of their stuff on CD.

I also noticed that the iTMS now offers an recommendation feature (in Google-like "beta") called "Just For You" which suggests music based on your previous purchases. It seems to be pretty accurate, and suggested a few classic rock tracks that I haven't downloaded yet. The first song recommended for me was Whip It by Devo. Oddly enough, the recommendations work even when I'm not signed into my account.

Posted: Wednesday - October 12, 2005 at 12:58 PM