Commence Downloading!

One billion songs!

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We knew this was coming, and it's here. Apple is counting down to the billionth song download from the iTunes Music Store. Here's what you can win:

Every 100,000th download wins the listener a 4GB black iPod nano and a $100 iTunes Music Card.

If you download the billionth song, you get:
- 4 year scholarship in your name to a music school (you don't get the scholarship itself)
- $10,000 iTunes Music Card
- 20" iMac
- 5 black 60GB iPods
- 5 white 60GB iPods

Videos and free songs don't count, so don't download every episode of The A-Team and Knight Rider just because the counter is about to hit one billion. If you're against buying songs, however, you can still enter for free by filling out this form in it is* entirety.

Apple has a counter on their website, but I prefer to use this app (includes a Dashboard widget) by Jon Nathan.

Ready. Set. Download!

*"It is" is an allusion to the typo on the Alternative Entry Form. (Update: They fixed it.)

Posted: Tuesday - February 07, 2006 at 12:26 PM