What's the deal with Billy Joel?

In Maryland, it's illegal to make a U-turn at the top of a hill. That's fine, but why not put up a sign?

A while back, I created the Facebook group called Billy Joel Cannot Properly Pronounce The Word "Ask" That One Time In "Don't Ask Me Why." Well, thanks to Brendan, I got to hear him sing the song live in concert tonight at the Verizon Center (not the MCI Center, Brendan). It's now obvious that the pronunciation is intentional, as he clearly said "axe" in the concert. However, in the recording he does it on the 3rd to last "ask," while in tonight's concert he did it in the last verse, before trailing off with several repetitions of "Don't ask me why."

I'm also the creator of Elton John Cannot Properly Pronounce The Word "Garage."

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Posted: Friday - March 17, 2006 at 12:52 AM