Vocal Chords on WJHU

I'm such a nice guy!

Mohak (real person, real name) called me to tonight to let me know that the JHU Vocal Chords were about to perform live on WJHU — Hopkins Student Radio. Even though she called just a couple minutes before the performance, I was able to connect to the stream, fire up Audio Hijack, and load the iTunes preset to record the performance for them. Also, based on my buddy list, I'd say that I'm blogging this before they even got back from the studio! Anyway, here's a recording of their performance, to prove that I'm awesome:

Please note that the distortion is NOT my fault; somebody wasn't watching the levels at WJHU. I'll go to the Spring Concert, (I'll pause for a moment here while the members recover from shock.) but I don't think I'll be listening to the technical inadequacy of WJHU anymore, especially since the DJ denied my request for the Vocal Chords to perform "Oh, KitchCo!" for me. I'd also like to note that due to my limited bandwidth, I had to pause my downloads of about 25 video clips I'm using for a film project in order to get a stable stream from the station. Yeah, I was able to resume them a few minutes later, but still, that's over five minutes of sacrifice from The Wysz as another gift to the Vocal Chords. His generosity over the years has been rewarded with two brownies, a glass of water, and a jingle for his movie.

Posted: Monday - February 28, 2005 at 09:23 PM