Another glowing review of HOTW

This is what happens when I stay up late instead of sleeping the night before I have to wake up and drive for six hours.

Tonight's googling brought me to another page (look at the entry from August 6th) that links to Home of the Wysz. Like the last one, it is mostly in Spanish (actually this one seems to be all Spanish), and notes the bad design before admitting that it's worth a visit. Based on the other links nearby, either this author found my page on, or tochtli found it here. In any case, the author of Soya Bean is a repeat visitor, as Brendan's X&Y Album Art Generator appears on the front page (entry dated July 6th, 2005).

I'm sure all of this started with a simple search for material. I've been one of the top results for "strong bad buddy icons" literally for years now, even though I've never had any on my site. I just did a search, and I'm #1 on Google! The Internet is an awesome and scary place.

Posted: Sunday - July 17, 2005 at 11:50 PM