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Episode 3: The Switcher. Download it if you're considering "the switch."

Episode 3 of my podcast features an interview with Brendan, a recent Mac switcher. You can download it by subscribing to my podcast. Even though we talked for a full 32 minutes, the entire movie file is only 44 megabytes, and that's with a 96 kbps stereo audio track. That's pretty good for a 320x240 video of that length, and the quality is more than acceptable. Brendan pointed out that the video could have been even smaller if the his screen saver wasn't running the whole time.

If you're thinking about switching to a Mac, or if you just like hearing a couple of geeks talk about technology, get it on your iPod and give it a listen.

From the show notes:
This one's pretty serious, folks. I promise next time I'll do something stupid like inhale pepper. The kids will love that. Here's what we covered:

- That 2004 Show
First episode: "October"

- Interview with a Switcher (Brendan Houle)
Q: Why did you consider a Mac?
A: It's UNIX.

Q: Why did you finally buy?
A: iBook came with everything he needed, at an affordable price.

Q: Was it easy to understand the product line?
A: What's the 12" PowerBook for?

Q: How did you order?
A: Apple Online Store with student discount

Q: Initial reactions?
A: It works!

Q: Mac's biggest advantage?
A: GarageBand and integration between applications.

Q: Any frustration?
A: Can't control system-driven JPEG compression.

Q: What are you glad to be free of?
A: Viruses and the Windows Registry

Q: What are your essential applications?
A: Mail, iCal, Safari, Dashboard (Weather, Stickies, iCal Events)

Q: Any advice for potential switchers?
A: Do it!

Q: Hard to live in a Windows-centric world?
A: Mac users will get through anything, and compatibility, especially with networking, is a non-issue on the Mac.

- Spotlight tip

- Tech News (Aperture, Open Office 2.0, PowerMacs, PowerBooks, HD)

- Podcast software

Posted: Saturday - October 22, 2005 at 05:53 PM