Absolute Wyszdom now iPod-friendly!

A useful utility.

Well, sorta. All of the episodes can at least now be copied to the iPod.

You see, I recently learned that only the first two episodes of Absolute Wyszdom v.Video played on iPods, while the rest didn't even transfer. The first two were created with Apple's non-customizable iPod preset in both QuickTime Pro and iMovie, while I created the later episodes in Compressor with a lower bitrate to reduce download time. A visit to Apple's discussion boards confirmed that Compressor cannot create H.264 movies for iPods, but helpful instructions and a handy command-line utility from burro.allhyper.com allowed me to convert my existing videos without re-compressing. Unfortunately, my iPod-with-video-owning audience of one reported that while the first two episodes play without a problem, the converted ones stutter during playback on the iPod. I'm just happy that they play at all, and I don't have the full-quality original videos to compress at different settings, so I'm just going to wait until Apple releases faster iPods and my entire audience upgrades.

Posted: Thursday - January 05, 2006 at 10:27 PM