Moving Day

televisionarie: have you really not update your blog since 11/19
televisionarie: ?
Michael Wyszomierski: i guess not
1:10 PM
Michael Wyszomierski: my blogging stuff is on my desktop
Michael Wyszomierski: and i am always on my laptop
Michael Wyszomierski: so it's just not convenient
Michael Wyszomierski: i COULD move the blog stuff to my laptop
Michael Wyszomierski: but that would still require some minimal effort
televisionarie: yeah i know hwo you hate that

Good, it worked. Tonight I finally moved my iBlog data over to my Macbook Pro. As I'm sure the Internet is pleased to hear, this should almost certainly mean the start of more frequent blog entries by yours truly. The reason for this is that my laptop, unlike my desktop, which used to be the controller of my blog, can be easily operated from my couch. My couch is the center of my apartment. I can see the TV from there. I can surf the Internet. There's a coffee table so I can eat. And, if I'm feeling especially lazy, I can even sleep there. My desktop, on the other hand, is at my desk, which is far away from the couch. And by far away, I mean beyond arm's length. Since it is so far away, I've been neglecting any work that requires applications or data hosted on the desktop, including blogging, podcasting, and video production. Now blogging can be taken off the list, but Podcast Maker, Photoshop, and Final Cut Studio still reside on the desktop, which is why those YouTube videos I've promised only receive about 10 minutes of attention each week. Maybe I'll finish them next weekend... but I've been saying that for over a month.

Posted: Monday - December 04, 2006 at 01:06 AM