I'm Back

I'm back.


I'm tired of hearing you losers asking me to bring back the blog, so I'm back. Here it is. Satisfied? Hmm, iBlog just underlined "blog" because OS X's built in spellcheck thinks it's not a real word. iBlog doesn't exist, either. Ugh, I'm rambling already.

Anyway, this is the new blog. First there was the "Thoughts" page, which was replaced by the blog when iBlog was free for .Mac subscribers. After a few months, I broke the blog, forcing me to return to the classic "Thoughts" format, which I edited solely in TextEdit. Tony complained that there was no RSS feed for this pseudo-blog, so I stopped updating altogether. Yes, Tony, it's all your fault. Don't bite the hand that gives you something to read.

Actually, Home of the Wysz was shut down as a joke between Ted and me. I intended to it back shortly after April Fool's Day, but I kept putting it off. Yes, I know, it's hard to imagine me procrastinating, but believe me, it happens.


I shut the site down just before traveling to Nashville to visit Ted. If you've flown Southwest before, you probably know that their crew is encouraged to use humor. Here are a few quotes from my experience:

Airport announcement:
Mr. Smith, please come to gate [#] immediately, if not sooner. You don't want to be stuck in Nashville, trust me.

On the plane:
For those of you still standing in the aisle, please hold on tightly.

Mr. Kane, please wave your arms frantically towards the front. [one minute later] Mr. Kane, this is your last chance if you want clean pajamas.

My own creation:
Attention First Class passengers: you're on the wrong plane.

And then in August when my family traveled to New Hampshire, we had a rough landing in Manchester. This was the flight attendant's explanation:
Sorry about that rough landing, folks. I know it wasn't our fault, so I asked the pilot. He said it wasn't their fault. So, it must have been the asphalt.


During the hiatus, I kept track of some things I wanted to post when I brought the site back. Some of you took the lack of updates surprisingly hard. Get help. Here is what happened while I was out:

eightman1984 (12:16:35 AM): ugh update your website

Speier70 (2:07:05 PM): home of the wysz will be updated within a week

ShkenBlke2 (11:32:32 PM): study my chemistry 4 me
Skier Wysz (11:32:37 PM): no
ShkenBlke2 (11:32:49 PM): its ur punishment 4 stopping ur site
ShkenBlke2 (11:34:02 PM): wh@ u did is like when Pepsi stopped manufacturing Crystal Pepsi
ShkenBlke2 (11:34:04 PM): or
ShkenBlke2 (11:34:23 PM): it would be like if they stopped The Simpsons

anthonut (9:29:36 PM): So Ted is upset with the retiring of the site. I told him that much like Michael Jordan, you will be mediocre at the other pursuits you try and have to go back to it.
Skier Wysz (9:29:55 PM): lol
Skier Wysz (9:30:42 PM): well i'm hoping that if google goes through with this 1 GB email thing, apple will follow and upgrade .mac to a similar capacity. at that point, i will have to fill it with something

Lizzard184 (9:55:05 PM): OH MY GOD
Lizzard184 (9:55:19 PM): You are SERIOUSLY not ending the website
Lizzard184 (9:55:22 PM): are you????????
Skier Wysz (9:55:29 PM): yes
Skier Wysz (9:55:36 PM): it was something i had to do
Lizzard184 (9:55:36 PM): WHAT????
Lizzard184 (9:55:39 PM): but
Lizzard184 (9:55:41 PM): WHY????
Lizzard184 (9:55:48 PM): =-O
Lizzard184 (9:55:50 PM): noooooooo
Skier Wysz (9:56:03 PM): you'll get over it
Lizzard184 (9:56:15 PM): you have yet to tell me why
Skier Wysz (9:56:31 PM): it's over
Skier Wysz (9:56:33 PM): all done
Skier Wysz (9:56:37 PM): my work is complete

eightman1984 (6:29:31 PM): well, I'm going to go buy jelly beans from a magic candy store on a cloud, I will ttyl

Reneelet (6:39:19 PM): HA
Skier Wysz (6:39:27 PM): what
Reneelet (6:39:29 PM): obvioulsy im not the only one who cant maintain a website
Skier Wysz (6:39:57 PM): i can, simply chose not to
Reneelet (6:40:17 PM): why would you do a thing like that?
Skier Wysz (6:40:38 PM): so i can concentrate on my studies
Reneelet (6:42:08 PM): thats why i discontinued mine

csvroomfondel (3:24:26 PM): explain to me how no longer updating your site will preserve your integrity
Skier Wysz (3:24:53 PM): i dunno, i just do what ted says. i defer all questions to ted.
csvroomfondel (3:25:31 PM): so, this "ted" runs your life, then?
Skier Wysz (3:25:39 PM): apparently
csvroomfondel (3:25:49 PM): interesting

eightman1984 (3:31:24 PM): what is the deal with your website?
Skier Wysz (3:31:31 PM): it's over
eightman1984 (3:32:17 PM): I wasn't actually serious with my suggestion, but I appreciate how much my words affect you
Skier Wysz (3:32:17 PM): everyone hold on for 1 minute, i need to put my monitor to sleep
Skier Wysz (3:34:05 PM): ugh
Skier Wysz (3:34:24 PM): what suggestion
eightman1984 (3:34:41 PM): when I suggested that you take up a new hobby like drugs or stamp collecting
Skier Wysz (3:35:00 PM): ah
Skier Wysz (3:35:16 PM): actually, with all the free time from not updating the site, i've taken up both
eightman1984 (3:35:24 PM): cool
eightman1984 (3:36:24 PM): I think over the summer I might update my website prolifically for a week or so

eightman1984 (3:41:43 PM): ugh I have nothing to do all day, now that your website isn't updated
Skier Wysz (3:42:01 PM): lol
eightman1984 (3:42:22 PM): can't you make an "insider premium page" or something?
Skier Wysz (3:43:11 PM): sorry
eightman1984 (3:43:27 PM): well, I shall make an inside page, and you will be excluded from it
Skier Wysz (3:43:48 PM): fine!
eightman1984 (3:43:54 PM): ok
eightman1984 (3:44:24 PM): you might be eligable for the regular site, not the ultra mega platinum special edition premium inside page

Blake posted these thoughts on his blog:
Mikey apparently has ended Home Of The Wysz.  He claims he wants to go out on top.  I claim he could have gone so much further.  To me, going out on top is when a famous person has veiwed your site, and has contacted you about it, or your site appears on a TV show.  Mikey, Mikey, Mikey.

So now that Mikey's site has gone the way of the dinosaur, it's apparent that I must now fill that void, as Bill so put it.  Now guys, those are some big shoes to fill.  I'm a busy person, I have a lot of work, and I need to get my GPA up, and I have wrestling as well.  I'll do my best, but also, you must remember that you need to provide some material every once in awhile too, and I don't just mean posting comments on here.  Well, I would put more stuff on right now, but I must study some Protists, Cnidarians, Ctenophorans, Poriferans, and Platyhelmintheians.

Skier Wysz (3:48:06 PM): team effort
Pez Man40 (3:48:19 PM): there ya go
Skier Wysz (3:48:32 PM): but ted if you're gonna be on my team, i need to know something
Pez Man40 (3:48:43 PM): dude what if we made it an april fools joke throught he month of april
Pez Man40 (3:48:48 PM): shoot
Skier Wysz (3:48:49 PM): oh wow
Skier Wysz (3:48:56 PM): do you have good hustle?
Pez Man40 (3:49:02 PM): that would shut bill up
Pez Man40 (3:49:07 PM): hustle?
Skier Wysz (3:49:22 PM): yeah
Skier Wysz (3:49:26 PM): do you have good hustle
Skier Wysz (3:49:28 PM): son
Skier Wysz (3:49:36 PM): you wanna be on my team dont you
Pez Man40 (3:49:38 PM): what do you mean
Pez Man40 (3:49:45 PM): i have good hustle
Skier Wysz (3:49:50 PM): good
Pez Man40 (3:49:53 PM): haha
Skier Wysz (3:49:54 PM): you're on the team
Pez Man40 (3:49:57 PM): yea
Skier Wysz (3:50:04 PM): i am making fun of the athletics ted
Pez Man40 (3:50:57 PM): i know

AurA SharK (10:23:58 PM): Pez Man40 has nothing on me
Skier Wysz (10:24:39 PM): in what way
AurA SharK (10:24:49 PM): note ur blog
AurA SharK (10:24:56 PM): and u will see what i mean
Skier Wysz (10:26:04 PM): ah, the incoherence

Skier Wysz (10:59:15 PM): well after your party i read through it a bit, and became nostalgic
anthonut (10:59:26 PM): hehe
anthonut (11:00:10 PM): I usually cause deep nostalgia in people. They reminisce about a time when they didn't know me


These IMs were left while I had "studying or sleeping" set as my away message:

Reneelet (2:14:41 AM): ted is of the opinion that i need to take you to a party
Reneelet (2:14:55 AM): so dont make anymore plans with zach

philyfan83 (1:20:03 AM): bs, you don't sleep or study
philyfan83 (1:20:09 AM): don't think you can fool me
philyfan83 (1:20:35 AM): clearly you are out getting ridiculously drunk and just don't want people to know about it
philyfan83 (1:36:57 AM): wow, that video of ted and dawid is hilarious

ShkenBlke2 (9:38:03 PM): y mike y?
ShkenBlke2 (9:38:28 PM): well, we both know th@ its neither of them

hwy2he11 (12:59:12 AM): ted is stupid. there is so much crap on hotw how else can i entertain myself when i dont want to do work anymore
hwy2he11 (1:02:34 AM): p.s. you are so not doing either of those things
hwy2he11 (1:12:10 AM): p.p.s. "crap" not meant in a negatory manner

PRchica422 (10:17:23 PM): michael you know you dont do either of those things!!:-P


I also got this email during the break:
Dear Mr. Wise,

I did a search tonight trying to find the woman's voice in the Atlanta airport you refered to.  I can't speak about the voice you referred to, but the woman's voice reminded me of the recordings I used to hear on the Tokyo subways.  "Terminal Dddddddddd, Terminal Dddddddddddd . . . . "

2.  The German Department's bulletin board strikes me as very German.



Also while the site was stagnant, I got mentioned in AtAT and on Dave Barry's Blog. I also got my name on MacFixIt, but you'll need a subscription to see it. I even did a small little bit of blogging over at WOC.


So, I'm back to the blogging thing. Just to bring you up to speed, I'm now living in an apartment with Bill, plus I have a car and pimped out bike down here in Baltimore. What does this mean for you? Well, there will be significantly fewer complaints about dorm life and Amtrak, but there will be more thoughts apart living in an apartment, weaving through crowds on a bike, and my gross inability to parallel park. Hey, speaking of apartment stuff, my phone rang two days ago. Isn't that fascinating? No? Oh, wait, there's more to the story. The person on the phone wanted to speak with "Mr. Wysz." Yes, "Mister Wysz." That's me. I'll take a picture of my phone book listing when they reprint it. My two newest toys are an APC UPS and a Gmail account. I hope you enjoyed my first entry in a few months. Stay tuned!


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Posted: Saturday - September 11, 2004 at 09:00 PM