Wednesday - January 24, 2007


Looking up.

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Tuesday - January 09, 2007

Wouldn't it be cool if...

Yeah, it would.

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Sunday - November 19, 2006

Also, I used to make posts about time.

Well then, it's about time I made a post about time!

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Sunday - October 29, 2006

Fireworks are Sweet.

So is sugar.

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Sunday - October 29, 2006

Webapps vs. Desktop Applications (plus an iPod idea)

This is a long one, folks. The advantages and disadvantages of web applications and desktop applications, and how they can work together.

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Friday - October 20, 2006

We went at 2:00 FM

I just realized these are all about time.

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Sunday - October 15, 2006



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Wednesday - October 04, 2006

You kids and your gum

And your rap music and your MySpace and your Facebook and your funny pants and your long hair and your text messages and your instant messages and your goatees and your snow boots and your large sunglasses and your leather jackets and your roller skates and your hula hoops and your space lasers and your dance parties and your ellipses...

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Monday - September 25, 2006

56K and counting!

RAMs + Megahertz = AWESOME.

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Saturday - September 09, 2006

Piggly Wiggly

This fun/useful link courtesy of John Stowe.

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Thursday - September 07, 2006

Die Sonne

El Sol.

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Wednesday - May 17, 2006

Amazon Packaging

It's a bit excessive.

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Wednesday - May 17, 2006

Overnighting an Apple Store

One of my weird ideas.

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Friday - May 05, 2006

Web Fads

We get signal.

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Wednesday - April 26, 2006

Cool Apple Patent

Say cheese!

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Sunday - April 23, 2006

Have I Forgotten How To Blog?

It's been so long.

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Friday - March 10, 2006

2 Memories

Please help me find them!

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Wednesday - March 08, 2006

With Highest Honor

Wysz = Master Prankster.

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Wednesday - March 08, 2006

Das Students

Abstract thought.

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Sunday - March 05, 2006

Talking Points

Just for the fun of it?

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