I wasn't phoning it in. I was telecommuting.

I'm not a morning person. I'm not an early afternoon person either.

I don't usually wake up until a few minutes before I'm supposed to be in the car to be somewhere, so I count on eating in the car for many of my meals. Unfortunately, I often don't even allow extra time for the preparation of my order. Many times I will past multiple franchises of the same company on my route. Chain businesses could take advantage of their multiple locations to offer a more convenient way of ordering and delivering food.

For example, if I need to order a burger at a McDonald's or Wendy's, I can place my order, and pull up to the first window to pay. Then, instead of waiting at the next window for my food, I would drive to the next location on my route and trade my receipt or ticket for my order. They would have plenty of time to prepare it, so there would be no waiting.

Wawa could work the same way. Along with choosing what you want on your hoagie, you also use the computer to choose where you want to pick it up. Simply get your order marked with the "PAID" stamp and proceed to the next location, where it will be waiting for you.

Just a thought. And here's another thought: Drive-throughs were designed for people on the move, who want to get out quickly. Therefore, I don't think it is appropriate to use it for buying dinner for the entire soccer team, especially when everyone has a special order, and you insist on inspecting every sandwich and requesting extra napkins before pulling your minivan out of the way.

Also, why did both a McDonald's and a Wendy's give me free fries, and in the same week?

Posted: Wednesday - August 03, 2005 at 02:56 PM