My thoughts on Apple's "Aperture" (Oh, wow, and PowerMacs. What, PowerBooks, too?!)


Whoever does the voiceover for the Quick Tours needs to choose an accent and stick with it.

Seriously, though, the workflow makes sense and it looks like a pretty solid product (at least at first glance), especially for a 1.0 release. While Aperture is priced as a Photoshop-class product, it doesn't look like it's actually meant to be a direct replacement for the industry favorite. This is a major relief. Photoshop will probably remain king of manipulation (beyond touch-ups), while Aperture seems more suited for project management from acquisition to color correction to printing/publishing. In fact, the specs of Aperture claim "seamless Photoshop integration," so that should make everyone happy.

Another feature that will make frustrated iPhoto users happy is Aperture's willingness to abide by your folder structure.

You can pre-order Aperture on Photoshop's over there as well. Make sure you check the system requirements first, as they're understandably demanding.

As for the hardware updates, I'm happy to see that the PowerMacs enjoyed a substantial boost in power without having to wait for the Intel transition. The specs look impressive, and I might be using my last student discount on a final generation PowerPC PowerMac, assuming that they're not all Intel next summer. Until now, I hadn't drooled over the specs of an Apple hardware offering since the introduction of the first PowerMac G5s. Finally, I can get excited about hardware power again.

As a video editor, I'm used to being primarily a desktop guy who needs loads of storage and multiple high resolution displays. Now that the PowerBooks feature higher resolution displays, I'm starting to seriously consider adding a portable to my arsenal. It would certainly make things a lot easier when I am not near my main computer and help my productivity.

I don't usually just spit back information about Apple announcements that are already covered extensively everywhere else, but this round brought more of a "this applies to me!" feeling than the usual "I don't need it, but I appreciate its coolness and the fact that it makes sense for others."

Now, Apple, take a break. No press events next week.

Posted: Tuesday - October 18, 2005 at 09:07 PM